We are the leader of security in the burglar bar services industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to provide outstanding products to our customer. We love designing custom security bars and many times we see burglar bars as plain and simply unattractive. Did you know you can custom make the design for your security bars?

Our Mission

Is simply to stop invasion. Featured in Fox 4 News, we explained the peace of mind a burglar bar (window guard, security bars, folding gates) gives you when you install one. We want to be able to help you prevent forced entry into your home or business.

Our Goal

Everything we do is inspired by our mission, vision, and passion. There is a reason why we have been in business since 1981. Our goal is for our customers to have 100% satisfaction. We take pride in the trust we build to bring peace of mind to your business and home.



Your business is one of the largest investments that you’ve ever made and we know that you want to secure it. We offer special prices for commercial burglar bars and folding gates. We have been in business since 1981 serving the commercial business in Dallas, Frisco, Plano and Richardson. But it doesn't matter where you're from give us a call today to discuss your security designs. Our goal is to simply give you   peace of mind with commercial security bars.


How To Prevent forced entry into Your Business

Burglars can break through windows and doors in your business and use them as entry points. It’s an everyday common experience. So the question is can you prevent forced entry into your business? Unfortunately you can’t prevent forced entry, but you can slow them down and make it more difficult. If someone wants to get in badly enough they can do it. Installing burglar bars and security doors and folding gates will slow them down, and in most cases prevents it all together. You see, the burglar bars and security doors are a physical deterrence and a visual deterrence as well. When a potential intruder sees your property is protected with these burglar bars and security storm doors they are more likely to avoid your business for an easier target. The burglar wants easy access. Installing burglar bars from Custom Security Doors protects your business, home, valuables, and loved ones.

Call Custom AAA Burglar Bars & Security Doors for a free in home estimate to secure your business 214-340-0078- We have the best burglar bars in Dallas!